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Air Freight Import and Export Services

Air Freight Import  and Export Services

Air Freight Import and Export Services

SLP Express with a network of offices and agents throughout the world allows you the opportunity, to coordinate airfreight shipment worldwide for the safest, timely, seamless and cost-effective service possible. We provide accelerated air freight and international air freight services to destinations anywhere in the world. Avail of our airport-to-airport service which is ideally suited to customers with a high volume of business requiring time to critical delivery.

We provide air freight import and export services based on your requirement and time schedules and even select the most suitable carrier for your shipment giving you a head start over other air freight forwarding companies.

Take for example that by taking into account the variations in summer and winter timetables and the impact of size and weight restriction helps you avoid unnecessary costs and delays in shipping your freight around the world. Remember though that with all this efficiency what is most important is our personalized service. Every shipment of yours is personally handled by us and great care is taken in the proper transportation of your product, whatever it may be.